The Mongolian Moonstone (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery): ON SALE NOW

The Mongolian Moonstone (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery) is now on sale at Amazon.

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“Well-paced and skillfully told, with an outstanding sense of place, an enjoyable main character, and entertaining supporting cast…. [Ainsley Walker] swept me off my feet.” — Venus de Hilo, 5-star review

“A delightful [series] – it will enchant you with exotic places and interesting characters.” — Linda Osborn, 5-star review

The vast steppes of central Asia.

The son of a wealthy Mongolian businessman.

And one missing gemstone…

The inhabitants of a remote Mongolian village have suffered the theft of their prized moonstone—and their land sits atop some of the most valuable mineral deposits in the world.



Fresh off her onyx adventure, she embarks upon an epic journey across the open grasslands of Mongolia.

Running from the ruins of Buddhist monasteries to abandoned Russian military bases…

…from the mountains of the north to the vast mining pits of the Gobi Desert in the south…

…Ainsley can’t stop, she can’t turn back, not until she’s recovered the village’s precious treasure—even if it means pushing herself further than she’d ever thought possible.

From an author who worked on the foreign desk of The Washington Post–

–comes a travel adventure that will change the way you see your life.

Ninth in the series.
Approximately 63,000 words.

“The story locales are vivid and exciting… I felt like I had just watched a great Travel Channel episode…” — Mel Collins

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